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19 October 2017

LiS Award 2017 winner announced

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Iver Accord Third Officer Junre Parilla chosen as Vroon's 2017 Leader in Safety


We are pleased to announce that Third Officer Junre Parilla, Iver Accord, has been selected as winner of the Vroon Leaders in Safety (LiS) Award 2017.


We received 25 nominations for this year’s Leaders in Safety Award. All nominees were excellent examples of an individual colleague or team making a significant contribution to our company’s safety culture. A shortlist of seven was chosen by Rob Grool, Vroon Group Director Fleet Management, Eric Rikken, Head QHSE and Stefan van der Stap, HSE Manager. The final selection took place during the Vroon Group Technical Seminar, held in Breda at the beginning of October. The prize winners were announced earlier this week by Managing Director, Coco Vroon.


Our winner, Third Officer Junre Parilla, was in charge of the forward mooring team on board Iver Accord; making fast to a tugboat. While the crew was still securing the towing line, the tugboat started pulling the rope.

3/O Parilla immediately shouted to the tug’s crew to stop pulling. At first the tug’s crew did not react. 3/O Parilla told the mooring team to keep clear of the mooring area while he again tried to catch the attention of the tug’s crew. Finally he succeeded; the tug stopped pulling, the line did not break and, most importantly, nobody was hurt. With his successful intervention he rightly deserves to be our Leaders in Safety winner for 2017.


The runners up were:

  • Oiler Meranil Fuerte, VOS Athena (stopped a contractor who was undertaking “hot work” in the neighbourhood of a fuel oil air vent)

  • Second Officer Jeffrey Coro, VOS Hyperion (only allowed persons to board from a water taxi after providing them Personal Protection Equipment)


We are very proud to applaud Junre Parilla as Vroon’s Leader in Safety for 2017! He will be presented with his Award at the December Manila crewing event.


Congratulations from all of us!



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